We are a purpose driven company and
fast growing.

OSOS Pvt. Ltd. is a startup at an early stage. We are a purpose driven company and fast growing. Startups start with an idea. We started with a problem and ways to address it. Social networking has become an essential part of our lives. We are certain that Social Networking services can be used in more advantageous ways in our daily lives.

We are working on the future of Social networking and its transformation to a more relevant platform by utilizing the most cutting-edge tools and technologies. Our product is focused on providing innovative and unique services to all mobile internet users globally through our mobile application

We believe product differentiation is critical to success. We are building a simple yet luxurious product. Our mobile application uses simple features in a way that it brings value proposition to our users.

We encourage skilled and hardworking talent to work with us and grow along while building the exceptionally scalable product from scratch. We integrate honesty, ethics, and equality into all aspects of our operations. If you tug the heart with your business, it is a good business.